About Us

The kitchen of this little Michigan farmhouse is where Vickie learned to make pierogies as a little girl from her Czechoslovakian grandmother.


 After some life changing events, in 2017, Vickie decided she wanted to reconnect to her roots. When she first moved out West, she had always been surprised to meet people who didn't know what pierogies were or had only eaten manufactured ones.

She was sure that once people tasted authentic, handmade pierogies they would love them as much as she does, and always up for a challenge, she decided to start to Vickie's Pierogies.   

Besides connecting to her ethnicity, having a food business allows Vickie to fuel her other passions of local food, community and conservation. Vickie's Pierogies are made with local and organic ingredients when possible and a percentage of profits at special events are given to local and community nonprofits.

Since starting Vickie's Pierogies, she has found a lot more people who know what authentic, good pierogies are and she is not sure what makes her happier; creating new pierogi lovers or supplying existing pierogi connoisseurs with real pierogies!